ReInvention Program Options


“It’s Time To Become Who I’m Meant To Be”

Start Here: Explore what’s next for you in an intimate, small group setting–no more than 8 people who, like you, are committed to taking bold steps to re-create their lives through exercises, coaching and conversations about what it takes.

Through your participation, you will be able to “consciously choose” what’s next in your life–BY DECLARATION, not by default–whether you’re creating something “BIG” or simplifying something that’s not working as well as you would like.

Cost: $325.00 per person, or, if you bring a friend, $275.00 each ( a savings of $50 each.)

Includes 2 follow up group coaching sessions.



An Opportunity to ReGenerate / Jumpstart Your Life or Your Career

Þ Is it time for something different?

Þ Have you just gotten a divorce or gone through some other life transition?

Þ Have you just come through a major illness and are ready to push forward?

Þ Are you bored or just ready for change?

Þ Or, are you getting older and want to do something more meaningful?

Here’s what’s included:

1-day individual retreat in Austin, TX  or vicinity  (8 – 10 hours) Includes exclusive workbook
 • Birkman Assessment •  4 follow – up coaching sessions

Cost:  $2500.00f (requires $1,500 deposit) –



An Opportunity To ReGenerate / Jumpstart Your Life or Your Career

Designed to help you re-boot by choice or due to circumstances (as above)

Here’s what’s included:

1 day individual retreat in Austin, TX  or vicinity * 12  hours) with Ann Fry, ReGeneration Expert · Includes exclusive workbook
 • Birkman Assessment •  12 monthly follow – up coaching sessions. (Bring an extra person with you … business partner, life partner) at no extra cost.

Cost:  $5000.00f (requires $1,500 deposit) –


Add-ons for Option Two or Three:

• Pay my airfare and hotel and I’ll fly to you … price the same

• Add a friend (who then becomes your reinvention buddy) for additional $1,500 and split the day

• Add on a second day and make it a weekend for an additional $1,500 for one or $2,500 for two

If this is interesting to you, Contact Ann as below:

[email protected]   •  646-895-9295