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Leaders Are Courageous

The contemporary male leader is courageous, with a sense of whimsy and delight.

Leaders Are Team Players

The contemporary male leader will do the dishes, shop for coffee, roll up his sleeves, and bring his kids to work.

Leaders Are Sought After

The contemporary male leader IS who others strive to be, without the others knowing they CAN become him.

There is nothing more impressive than a leader who is fully accountable to himself.

Ann Fry is an Executive Coach who coaches contemporary male leaders in new ways of leading as opposed to old ways of managing. Let’s address the obvious: why the focus on men? Simply put, Ann knows how to connect with men to help them become accountable for becoming better leaders without asking them to sacrifice their masculinity.

Instead of focusing on surface skills, Ann guides them through a process of mastering her 7 Competencies of Contemporary Male Leadership.  These 7 Competencies create a contemporary male leader that is tuned in to the whole person and embraces overlooked ingredients such as feelings and passion. He is in touch with the needs of the business while also being a role model of balance, integrity, and concern for his team. Most of all, he is open and accountable to being all that he can be. And that’s impressive!

Meet Ann Fry

Ann sees life as a journey, destination unknown. She loves to hang out on the skinny branches, take some risks, and be a bit “sassy” and outrageous. As she says, “I am who I am.” She encourages her clients to find themselves and be the best person they are capable of being.

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